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Zilla Credit seeks to promptly inform their customers not only about the company's news, but the most important events in the world of microfinance, the economy and the banking sector.
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  • Do you trust Russian banks?


    Bank deposits or bank deposits are one of the most "usual" types of investments not only in Russia, but also in many other countries of the world. Often this is due to the simplicity and accessibility of this method of investment to an ordinary citizen. It seems to us that it's enough to choose a ba

  • Webinar: "Earnings with Zilla Credit: The Way from a Lender to an Investor"


    Dear partners of our company, this Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 19:00 Moscow will be held a webinar on the topic " Earnings with Zilla Credit: The way from the lender to the investor ". The

  • Gifts for achievements


    Zilla Credit Company provides its partners with an opportunity to earn money steadily, and also offers to receive additional prizes for active work. In the office, a new page Achievements was added to the Partner section. Two scales of achievements are availa

  • Zilla Credit expands own boundaries


    We are expanding our borders and last Saturday for Zilla Credit customers a webinar in German was held, which introduced everyone to the activities of the company. Partner of Zilla Credit - a leading webinar of Trend Fire told

  • New personal account "PART"


    In order to ensure that the system of working with partners and obtaining partner remuneration were transparent and understandable to all customers of Zilla Credit, a separate PART account appeared in the personal account.

    Now all partner awards will be credited to this account and it i

  • The new limited offer is the investment package "Junior"


    As promised earlier, in honor of the successful completion of the investment package "Beginner", starting from April 13, a new limited offer from Zilla Credit will start operating. This time, investors are invited to purchase the investment package "Junior" with a fixed price of $ 40 for a period of

  • The sale of the investment package "Beginner" has been completed


    The action to sell the investment package "Beginner", which began on April 3rd, is already over! The offer from Zilla Credit in this direction was very popular and by now all investment packages have been bought out.

    In the very near future our customers are waiting for a new offer. Fol

  • Do not miss important events and webinars from Zilla Credit


    They missed the webinar, but do you want to know what was going on? Do you want to participate in the next webinar? Especially for you on our site a new page " Webinars " appeared. On the new page you can see the records of past webinars and on-line conferences, find out the

  • What do we not have money for?


    We are all so different and we all have different incomes and different needs. But there is something that unites us - the cost of the necessary needs. Products, medicines, clothes, rent (or a rent for a rented apartment), transportation costs, a kindergarten or a school, additional classes for chil

  • New share: 5% on account for purchase of investment package


    The action for calculating bonuses for replenishment of the account came to its end, but continuing the good tradition to give gifts to its customers, Zilla Credit Company announced a new campaign from April 5, 2017. Now, pleasant bonuses of 5% of the investment amount will be paid to our customers

  • A new opportunity for communication


    Dear customers, now Zilla Credit has its own chat in Telegram , which means that it will be Even easier and more interesting. The chat from Zilla Credit to Telegram is ideal to: find useful contacts and partners, get quick advice o

  • Investment package "Beginner"


    Coming to meet the requests and wishes that were voiced by novice investors during the webinar on Wednesday, Zilla Credit Company offers its customers a new investment package "Beginner". Everyone can buy such an investment package, but only once. "Beginner" involves an investment of $ 20 for a peri

  • Webinar postponed to Wednesday


    Dear Clients,

    We inform that the webinar on the topic "Review of investment platforms. What? Where? When? ", Which was to take place tonight, is postponed to Wednesday, April 5th. Also in the coming week will be added webinars for our European customers from Germany in German.

  • Replenishments in bitcoin are again available


    To provide our customers with a reliable and secure way of accepting payments in bitcoin, we changed merchant (provider). Now, for all customers, the service of replenishing the account in bitcoin is again available.

    We remind you that for all operations to enter funds in bitcoin commis

  • Progress does not stand still


    From the beginning, our on-line service ZillaCredit is constantly evolving, we closely monitor the changing needs and requests of our users. Now, when the number of users is constantly growing, taking into account the specifics of the on-line service, there is a need for changes in both the visual a

  • Special offer from Zilla Credit for investors


    Do you want to invest your money, but do not want to delve into what is arbitration, how to issue a loan, take a loan, monitor the timing and calculate the options? Then for you a special offer from Zilla Credit.

    Since March 24, Zilla Credit Company has provided investors with a new opp

  • Opened a new back office in Moscow


    Dear customers and partners, we are glad to inform you of the good news about the opening of Zilla Credit representative office in Moscow at: Sadovnicheskaya, house 82, p. 2, entrance 6, BC "Aurora".

    In the premises of the office the design is implemented in the uniform stylistics of th

  • Which a currency have strongest stability?


    Whenever the word "currency" is used, in the representation of the majority of ordinary people, dollar or euro banknotes emerge. But today in the world there is a large number of national currencies and the degree of trust to them is different. And are deposits in dollars and euros so reliable?

  • International Women's Day


    International Women's Day - a wonderful holiday and an occasion to make a gift and say kind and sincere words to our women!

    In honor of a wonderful holiday, Zilla Credit will give a bonus to all women from 8 to 10 March at a rate of 8% of the replenishment amount.

    We wish you l

  • Where is it profitable to invest money?


    We often think about where to invest, so that they make a profit. There are enough options, but there are not many of them profitable. In any case, if you are not going to spend money right now, it's better to invest, so you can get extra income. But where is it profitable to invest money, where to

  • Priority - safety


    In order to ensure the anonymity and security of the personal account customers will now be hidden id applications for loans. Instead, it is assigned a unique set of characters each application. Issued or take loans, and we will take care of security.

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